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Spurs & Stilettos by Ashley Johnson

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Hope Trahan has everything she wants and everyone she needs…except her sister and someone who really is deserving of her. Who knew two separate events would turn everything completely upside down? When her best friend drags her down to the rodeo to help clear her head the last thing she expects is to meet a sexy, sweet talking cowboy. That’s not what she came for but fate had other things in mind.
Wesley Tyler owns two national titles and is riding his way to the next. The day he meets Hope, he knows there’s no going back. He soon learns Hope carries ghosts with her she can’t quite shake. She holds things she wishes she could let go of. Wesley just may hold the key to helping her overcome it all. Can he win her over and help mend her broken walls or will her past hold her down?

When reading this story, it is full of love and laughs. It drew me in and kept hold of me through the entire story.
Hope hasn't had an easy life and has had to suffer a heartbreak that is devastating. Her fiance ends up breaking her further rather than helping her.
To try and move on with her life, she decides to go to the rodeo with her best friend. There, she meets a heartthrob, "a guy in Wranglers so tight it should be a crime and a baby blue dress shirt with those snap buttons." When Hope looks up at him all she sees are his eyes. "His green eyes are sparkling like emeralds and it takes a second before I'm able to tear mine away."

Wesley is a cowboy in the rodeo and rides the bucking broncos. He has been drawn to Hope from the very beginning. Wesley is a romantic cowboy who strives to make sure that Hope knows he cares about her, and proves that he is there for her always. "He continues to hold me like he didn't just witness me completely have a meltdown and just a few short minutes later I'm able to fall back asleep."

I was drawn into this story and couldn't put it down. Their story is full of love, heartbreak, miscommunications and pain. Wesley and Hope's story is a realistic story with what these two people have to go through.

I’m a bundle of nerves as I step out into the night air. It’s hard to not see him. He’s leaning against his truck. His back is to me and I almost don’t think he knows I am coming until he turns around to face me. My heart drops in my chest as I look into his eyes. We say nothing for a minute. We’re taking this time to re-memorize each other, this time without the loud music and bright lights of the club. His hand reaches up and brushes against my cheek. I shudder trying to control myself. I missed his touch so much. I close my eyes praying this isn't some dream but I open them and he’s here with his hand still on my cheek. “I miss you Hope.” He whispers. I won’t cry. I’m telling myself that. I’ll kick my own ass if I cry. I won’t be weak. “I miss you too,” I whisper almost inaudibly. We go back to not speaking. I can’t believe I’m standing outside in front of him. In front of the man who completely melts my heart. “Can you forgive me?” He leans in closing his mouth over mine and takes charge blowing my mind. I kiss him fiercely. “I can’t think of you being anyone else’s but mine Hope.” He says between kisses.

My name is Ashley Johnson and I live in Lake Charles, La with my fiance and our daughter. I graduated high school in 2003 and graduated college in 2008 with an associates degree in Criminal Justice. Now I just love to read and write and I hope ya'll enjoy it.

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