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Title: Self Destruct (Destroy #1)
Author: K.D Carrillo
Release Date: November 1, 2013
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

Becca Scott spent years burying her traumatic past under alcohol and boys. With the help of her best friend she struggled to accept herself and let go of the pain. She thought she had her life under control for once, until she met Aiden. Aiden Ryan lives with constant self-hatred. He allowed those close to him to manipulate his life for their own gain, because he felt he deserved it. He was resigned to marry a woman he didn't love, until he met Becca. Becca and Aiden try and let go of their painful pasts to be together, but will their pasts let go of them?  

This story was about two people that had less then perfect beginnings.

Becca is trying anything she can to forget her past and move on with her life. She hasn't had an easy life "I was on a path to self-destruct, but it was all I knew."
Aiden, is a protective, sexy male that wants to help take care of her. 

However, not everyone wants these two people together. His ex is trying to break them up, as she wants him for herself.

Will these two people be able to get over their pasts and move on together? Will they be able to heal and have the life they deserve?

While this book wasn't my personal taste, it was a great book about two people that deserve a chance for a happy ending. Go grab this one.

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K. D. Carrillo is a graduate of Central Washington University, the setting of Self Destruct. This is her second self-published title. Fighting Destiny (Central Coven 1) was released in May 2013.

Twitter: @centralcoven


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