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Strobe, simply put, is a voyeur's playground. A place where people can heighten their sexual awareness, play with fire, and combust all under the same roof. It's a place where people come together and a place that can push people apart.
Sloane Renard knows sex. She knows what the textbooks tell her. She doesn't know her world is about to be torn upside down by one man. A man who will push her limits and force her to see herself in another light. Lennox Coymns knows sex. He knows how a woman likes to be touched. He knows how to make a woman scream and moan. He knows the world outside of the bedroom. As Lennox teaches Sloane about the world of voyeurism, she learns more than how to let herself be free with sex; she learns how to confident and sexy- the kind of woman Lennox desires. But can sex and love keep themselves separated, or will these two fall under the dark spell that is the lights of Strobe?

"Voyeurism can be perceived in several different ways. For some it's seen as an act of eroticism. For others it's taboo."

This is a hot read about voyeurism. Well, not just voyeurism, but sex and not being tied down to what society thinks sex should be. These two main characters have all kinds of chemistry bouncing off each other. In fact, when Sloane first sees Lennox, she almost drops. When he first sees her, he wants her, immediately. Lennox begins to challenge what she thinks of sex and how she views it.

"And what if he enjoyed showing you off to his friend? What if he wanted others to see the beauty in the way he makes your body writhe? What if he wanted the world to hear just how hard you scream when he makes your orgasm?"

This begins the challenge between these two people. Will Sloane change her mind and open up to Lennox? Will he convince her to give him, and voyeurism a chance? Will these two work it all out together?

"Voyeurism is about both sexual partners more so than it is about the ones watching. You are the show, the main event. They are the spectators. You control what happens. You are the one that gives them something to remember and think about days to come."

If you like a little kink, go out and grab this book!! The only downside, I wish it was longer.


“Tell me, Sloane, are you curious?”
“About what? How it would feel to have another set of eyes on me while I’m in the bedroom?”
“Who says it has to be in the bedroom?”
Sloane felt her cheeks get hot. “I don’t play outside of the bedroom,” she said in a stern tone.
“Then you’re not playing.” Lennox quipped. “I have to wonder, are you even playing in the bedroom?”
“This is not the kind of conversation to have with someone you just met.”
“Are you a virgin, Sloane?”
Sloane gasped. “Excuse me? That’s not your business.”
“It may not be, but I’m making it my business. I asked you here because I can help you. I can show you things, open up a whole world you never could have dreamed existed.”
“Why?” she asked. “Why would you want to help me? What makes you think I even want your help?”
“I don’t. I’m taking a risk, but I know a good thing when I see it. You’re all school aren’t you? You live, eat, and breathe school. I would even be willing to bet that the sexual partners you’ve had have all been study partners. You’ve never let yourself go. You’ve never been free with anyone have you? I can help you do all of that. I want to help you do all of that.”
Sloane swallowed down the last of her coffee. She took a moment, biding her time so that she didn’t have to answer him just yet. He was right, of course. The two men she had slept with had been convenient study buddies. If it didn’t revolve around school, Sloane didn’t participate.
Finally she asked, “Why? Tell me why you want me.”
“Isn’t it obvious? You’re gorgeous, for one. Smart as hell, for two. Did I mention gorgeous?” He smiled knowing he knew full well he had already mentioned it. Sloane smiled too. It wasn’t often she heard someone call her gorgeous. Often was an understatement. It was never.
“Listen, I’m not asking you to jump into bed with me.  I’d be an absolute lying fool if I said I didn’t want to have sex with you. Of course I want to have sex with you, but you aren’t ready for that yet. I want to show you things first. Open your eyes to the world around you, take you out of the classroom.”

Meet the Author

Holly is a wife and mother to two of the greatest boys in the world. She's southern, born & raised, and as you'll find in all of her writings- so are her characters. She can't imagine not using "y'all" in her writing.
Holly is the author of Second Rate Chances- a new adult novel released January of 2013. When she isn't writing she's cheering on her husband & son in the sport of the season; whether its coaching or playing.

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