Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bullying - Are You Kidding Me?!?!

So first I want to apologize to anyone that I had a post scheduled for this week and didn't get it done. I have been sick as a dog and last night it really caught up with me. I will be playing catch up this weekend with posts & reviews. Thank you for your patience.

Now on to something I am seeing way too much of, hearing about, and it is really upsetting to me as a reader and as a blogger. The fact that it even has to be talked about is sickening to me.


We all know that if it was our kids getting bullied, we would be at the school, up in arms, and working together to encourage that is stops. There are initiatives in schools, groups and projects to try and stop it, and support for those kids that are bullied. As adults, there are laws to stop others from bullying someone if they are reporting hazards or problems at the work place. This is something that has had laws created to try and protect those being bullied and stop those that are bullying.

When you don't agree with an author, a blogger, a reviewer, that is your right. However there is no need to bully them. You wouldn't bully an actor/actress, director or musician for not making a movie or record that you want them to create or make something you don't like. You simply don't buy it or watch it.

Why can't we all do that same thing with a book, review, post that you don't like?? Why would you teach your kids how bad bullying is and then turn around and bully someone yourself?? There have been authors that have stopped writing due to this type of behavior. This is their JOB, their livelihood, their creation. They do NOT have to write or create something to please everyone or anyone.

This is MY blog. I read & review books I want to read. I post things I agree to post. I only work with those that I decide to associate with. I know that this post won't be seen by the world, and that is fine with me. However, I refuse to deal with this bullying behavior by adults. This is disappointing and frustrating to me, and to others. As a result, I am going to be cutting back my work and only working with those I truly like reading or working with. If this means I never reach a huge following, I am ok with that. This is for ME, and I do not have to post what others like or want me to post.

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