Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fire on Ice Series by Dakota Madison Reviews

This is the start of Taylor & Kian, a couple that couldn't be more opposite.
Taylor is working to get over her past heartbreak and heartache from high school. That is when her boyfriend, the school hockey star, destroyed her life. Since then, Taylor has done everything she can to make sure that she is never hurt again. Taylor is adamantly against having anything to do with another athlete, especially a hockey player ever again.

Kian is the star hockey player for the Firestorm. Everyone knows who he is, and he has no problem picking up women. Kian hasn't really been in a serious relationship., and is trying to move past his difficult upbringing in Boston. He is trying hard to keep his head in the game, however all he can think about is this amazing woman that he met.

Will these two people ever be able to get over their pasts? Will they get the happy ever after that they deserve?


This is the continuation of their story.

Kian & Taylor haven't had an easy time thus far. Taylor is trying to keep herself pulled together and not let everything fall apart. While walking home from class one evening, her whole world goes to hell in a hand basket. She must now face that nothing will ever be the same. Will she be able to move past this horrible incident and move forward with Kian?

Kian must face that he wasn't there for Taylor when this horrible incident took place. Kian has to try and pick up the pieces of his life, and still support Taylor while playing professional hockey. Kian is struggling hard to move past the guilt he is feeling.

Will these two amazing people be able to move past this horrible incident? Will they be able to pull themselves together and move forward? Grab this book and find out what happens to two people who belong together! Full of love, laughs and tears.

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