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Sinful Rewards 4: A Billionaires and Bikers Novella by Cynthia Sax

Four years ago, Bee Carter left her tiny hometown, escaping her tormenters. She concealed her tarnished reputation under a good-girl persona, hiding her history from Nicolas, her strong and silent billionaire; Hawke, her tattooed bad-boy biker; and Cyndi, her man-crazy best friend.
Today, she's returning home … and she's not alone. Some of her deepest, darkest secrets will be revealed. Trust will be tested. Clothing and inhibitions will be discarded. Bee and her hometown will never be the same.
When her past and her present collide, will any of Bee's relationships survive?

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This is the continuation Belinda's amazing story. She is still torn between these two amazing men, Hawke, the bad-boy tattooed biker, and Nicholas, the strong silent billionaire.

Thinking that Hawke left her, she gets up in the morning to get on the bus and see her mother in their hometown. Their hometown that is anything but welcoming for Belinda & her mother. On her way out she sees Hawke, the man that makes her heart race and panties melt. 

Hawke must try and convince her that he wants to return for her, always for her. Since he can't convince her of that, he gives her the one thing he would never leave without. This is the one thing he can do for her, give her, that makes her believe he won't leave without seeing her.

After spending the day with Hawke, Bee has a date for dinner with Nicholas. While she is attracted to him, thinking he is the one that can give her stability and a future, there doesn't seem to be the insane lust and passion that she has with Hawke. Nicholas is such a commanding force though, it is hard not to be attracted to his power.

This portion of the story was as amazing to read as the others. However I loved this one more than the first three so far. In this portion of the story, we see how Hawke is with Bee, how affectionate, caring, and yet passionate for her. He is still the one that I am personally hoping and praying that she ends up with. 
I can't help but get frustrated with Nicholas and his lack of communication with her. He seems to be hiding something from her, and never seems to admit or express how he feels for her.

This is another fantastic portion to read of the amazing story. Go grab it and fall a little more for these amazing people.

Silence stretches. I look upward. A tic of emotion pulses high on Hawke’s cheek, his eyes stormy and his body hard. He wants me to accept his lie, but I can’t believe in a man who has no reason to stay.
“Every time we part, you’ll think I’ve left you, won’t you?” he asks, his voice sinfully deep.
My fingers curl. “Why would you stay?” I counter. Why would anyone stay who had a choice?
Hawke grits his teeth. There’s another long pause. I brace myself for the pain that I know is coming. He’ll tell me I’m too much hassle for a one-night stand. Then he’ll ride out of the city and never return. I shouldn’t care. He’ll leave me eventually, and the timing shouldn’t make a difference. I cross my arms in front of my stomach, hugging my body, trying to protect my foolish heart.
“You’re gloriously stubborn, love.” Hawke sucks air through his teeth, holds the breath for four heart-pounding moments, and exhales. “Come here.” He slides his right hand into the front pocket of his faded blue jeans.
I step closer to him, curious.
 “I want you to keep these for me.” Hawke holds out his fist. A silver ball chain is wrapped around his scarred fingers.
 I extend my palm. His massive hand hovers above mine.
 I wait and wait and wait. Hawke doesn’t release the chain. I survey his savage countenance. His lips are flat. His jaw juts. He doesn’t want to do this.
“This isn’t necessary,” I tell him.
 “It is. You need this.” He opens his fist, dropping the ball chain and two dog tags into the palm of my hand, the metal warmed by his skin. Information—a Social Security number, the words “no preference,” USMC, and other letters—is embossed on the oval forms. I don’t recognize the first or last name.
 “Are these yours?” I ask. He shared that Hawke wasn’t his first name. Is Masters, the last name he gave me, not real either?
 “No, they’re not mine.” Hawke rubs the barbed wire tattoo encircling his right bicep, the vigorous motion reddening his arm.
 I tilt my head, studying him. Why would he give me someone else’s dog tags? Our gazes meet and lock and I inhale sharply, reading the answer in his pain-ravaged eyes. “They belonged to Rock, didn’t they?”

Cynthia Sax lives in a world where demons aren’t all bad, angels aren’t all good, and magic happens every single day. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you”, they will do anything for the women they love. They live passionately. They fight fiercely. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.

Twitter: @CynthiaSax 

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