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GAGE by Tess Oliver ~ BLOG TOUR


Gage is part of the Barringer Brothers series but can be read as a standalone.

After nearly losing his friend in a logging accident, Gage Barringer is convinced now more than ever that he needs to find a different job. But his side business of breaking colts at the small Montana ranch he inherited from his grandfather doesn't earn him enough money. He has his mind set on running The Raven's Nest, a popular bar and restaurant near his ranch. The original owner has died and Gage is waiting for it to be put up for sale. But there is a five-foot-four, brown eyed, obstacle in his way, an obstacle with lips made for sin and a voice made for breaking hearts. And Summer Donovan is one road block Gage Barringer won't be able to find a way around.

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Summer is a young woman that has been raised by a selfish "what can I get out of this" mother. She has been the money train that others have affixed themselves to, including her mother, agent and now ex-boyfriend. In fact, on the day she thought would be the best day of her life and carrier, turned out to be the worst day. First she gets propositioned by a record producer and told to drop her band, then she goes home and catches her now ex-boyfriend in bed with her now ex-best friend. Yeah, a stellar day for Summer.
Little did she know that one single phone call could change everything and lead her to where she really belongs.

Gage is a big, strong, hardworking and powerful man that every woman in the area wants to have. While his size is huge, he is actually a giant teddy bear (funny since when he is first seen by Summer at night on the middle of the road she actually thinks it is a grizzly bear coming to get her). Growing up, Gage was the one brother that always seemed to be getting into trouble. In fact, that is why he is in Montana and the rest of his family isn't.

These two amazing people haven't had an easy life until now by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, until now, it has sucked big time for both of them. Summer was being used as a cash machine, and Gage was being used for a good time (of course he was using the women right back). But neither of them were happy at all. Until that one day, that one moment that changed everything. The question becomes, will she stay for him, and will he be enough for her?
Grab this second book in this series and watch sparks fly and heat up the cold Montana nights!

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            He looked at me a long moment. "I want you so fucking bad, Summer, it hurts." He combed his long hair back with his fingers and chuckled at some inside joke. "You have no idea how bad."
            "Then what's holding you back? It seems to me--"
            He shook his head. "Can't explain it to myself." His dark lashes dropped as he stared down at the floor, and when he lifted his face to me, I realized that I was falling hard for him.
            "I guess I don't want to scare you off." He shook his head. "Not that I'm scary in bed," he quickly amended. "I don't want to come on too strong. Hell, I guess I'm just trying to make a good impression."
            "Stop with the good impression shit. I want a lasting impression, Gage."
            His pale blue eyes flickered in the light as he looked at me. "I can do lasting." He crossed the room in two steps. His arms curled around my back, and he pulled me against him. His mouth covered mine. The kiss was long and hard and driven by that intense longing that had been building up between us. He took hold of my good hand and walked me down the short hall to my bedroom. He pushed open the door with his boot and led me inside.

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"I write romance for young adult, new adult and those of us past the ‘new’ stage. My stories take place anywhere from 19th century England to 21st century California. And you can count on a super alpha in each book."

Tess Oliver is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Custom Culture Series. She lives in sunny California with her husband, kids and a herd of spoiled pets. 

Twitter: @Tess_Oliver


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